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Transporting equipment from Italy to Ukraine

Route: Italy – Ukraine.

Cargo: food industry equipment.

Description. A large project to transport a number of lots using a set of vehicles.

A major obstacle emerged at the very outset: repair works began on many sections of the roads in Italy that were part of the initially developed delivery route.

It was because of such road sections that we could not obtain the necessary permissions for a long time. Having delivered the first lot, we changed the route (in particular, it was decided to ship the cargo out of Italy across its border with Slovenia, not with Austria, which had been in the initial version of the plan), since it was no longer physically possible to transport the cargo along the initially planned route owing to the prolongation of repair works.

When submitting the order, the consignee sent to our oversize cargo department the addresses of the customs office of destination and of the customs office where unloading was to take place. However, having contacted the Ukrainian customs office, our experts found out that the gate of the temporary storge warehouse was not wide enough for some of our vehicles to pass through it owing to their large dimensions. At the request of one of the experts from our oversize cargo department, Ukrainian customs officers re-measured their gate’s width. That done, the consignee managed to successfully arrange cargo clearance at the border itself.

The project was challenging but interesting.

In the photo, you can see one of the vehicles used during the transportation. Cargo dimensions: 7,550х4,290х4,300 mm, weight: 33,500 kg.

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