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Sea transportation

Sea transportation is one of the best ways to deliver containerised, bulky or oversized cargo over a long distance in case there is no land connection. Sea transportation can be multimodal. Our experts are here to quickly pick the best route for your cargo.

Your inquiry will be
processed within a maximum
of three hours upon receipt.
An optimal ratio of
price and quality.
A team
of experts.
The full cycle of organising a sea transportation
Selection of the best possible scheme and
drawing up a profitable route for cargo delivery;
Storage of the cargo at a warehouse until
the arrival of the vehicle(s);
Customs services;
Pick-up of the cargo and its delivery from
the port of arrival to the port of
departure, “door-to-door delivery”;
Help with paperwork – issue of a multimodal bill of lading
(a single transport document for the entire transportation
route), FIATA documents and forms;
Ensuring the timely provision of the vehicles,
Control of cargo transshipment
Advantages of sea transportation:
• Delivering large shipments (including containerised, large and oversized cargo);
• Intercontinental routes;
• Low tariffs (compared to air or road transportation costs).
Geography of sea transportation
Our specialists will arrange the successful transportation of your cargo by sea from/ to ports and terminals around the world and ensure its secure arrival. So, here is our transportation geography:
• Western Europe: Antwerp (Belgium), Bremerhaven (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Genoa (Italy), Le Havre (France), Moerdijk (the Netherlands), Marseilles (France), Piraeus (Greece);
• Sea transportation from the Baltic States: Ventspils (Latvia), Klaipėda (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), Liepāja (Latvia);
Multimodal delivery schemes
We are always ready to offer you multimodal delivery options.
This means you can order a combined delivery solution comprising sea transportation and one or several of the following options (in various combinations):
• Road transportation;
• Rail transportation;
• Air transportation.
Sea transportation projects
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One of our Customer managers will contact you within 3 hours upon receipt of your inquiry.

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