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Mission and values

From the very foundation our young and energetic company considers the careful attitude towards our partners and clients to be the most sufficient priority. While designing new solutions in the field of cargo transportation and using them in practice we offer the best transport plans under the motto: SOUND LOGISTICS
It means that we are constantly looking for the smartest of all viable solutions and offer them to our clients.

Prior values:
Cooperating with our clients and partners all the members of our company are guided by the following principles:
Sustainable development – searching for new achievements and successful results
Professionalism – we guarantee the high level of services offered and performance of our obligations in time.
Team-work – common intentions of our staff to find the right solutions to the concrete tasks set by our clients.
Prosperity – we provide sufficient salary, save our clients’ finances and pay all the charges in time.
Creative work – we are constantly searching for the most competitive and the smartest solutions.
Advantages of KRAFTTRANS:
The perfect complex of transport-forwarding services
Presence of branches and representative offices in European and Baltic countries
High-qualified staff
Own sufficient truck park (more than 100 items)
Individual approach to every client
Cargo security guarantees
Receiving and fulfillment of every order in an effective way
5 Years
in International logistics
4 offices
in 3 countries
120 +
own trucks


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