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Groupage cargo

International groupage cargo transportation may include the transportation of small consignments, including dangerous ones, or those that require certain temperature conditions, as well as the collection from senders and storage of small consignments in warehouses across Europe with subsequent transportation of the entire groupage cargo under a single transport document. Due to this process, it is possible to reduce the cost of delivery.

Groupage cargo delivery is suitable for both large companies and individual entrepreneurs. Groupage cargo is the entirety of goods from different senders transported on the same vehicle along the same route.

We learn everything about your needs as a Customer, collect cargo in a warehouse, pack or repack it, create a profitable transportation scheme and help with paperwork.

Cargo collection regions
Western Europe
The Balkans
The Baltic countries
The Nordic countries
Groupage cargo delivery options
Service package
Delivery time
3 to 8 days (including
Portugal and Turkey);
7 to 14 days
10 to 21 days
Delivery by a specific
date and time
Basic services available to the customer
18 options for the delivery of groupage cargo.
Filling in and checking the CMR on behalf of the Customer.
Personal approach to each Customer.
The verification of controlled HS codes.
Filling out an order (request) in MS Word to the freight forwarder on behalf of the Customer.
Fast and cheap delivery to KRAFTTRANS-owned temporary storage warehouses: check with your Customer Service Manager for details.
Daily disposition of the combined cargo movement.
Writing a rejection email on behalf of the Customer.
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One of our Customer managers will contact you within 3 hours upon receipt of your inquiry.

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