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Air transportation

The fastest way to deliver your product is by air. KRAFTTRANS was founded in 2017 and has since been cooperating with the world’s major airlines, which allows us to quickly create profitable routes for the air delivery of the Customer’s cargo, monitor the movement of the cargo, advise the Customer all along the way, and deliver the cargo in one piece and on time.

Air transportation is advantageous if you need to move a batch of goods from one point to another in the shortest possible time and minimise the risk of damage to the cargo during the delivery.

How we work?
Registration of the entire package of documents.
Monitoring and informing at all stages.
Comprehensive consultation.
from Asia
China, South Korea, Japan,
Thailand, India, Vietnam.
from Europe
China, CIS
from the Americas
Europe, Asia, CIS
Air freight
We work with the world's leading airlines, so our specialists will be able to choose the best offer in terms of time and cost. Our employees will prepare all the accompanying documents.
Integrated approach
Delivery of General cargo. Express
delivery, as well as related, Shuttle
and combined cargo.
Delivery of goods that require special
types of transportation:
perishable and dangerous goods.
Organization of delivery to a
temporary storage warehouse,
delivery "from door to door".
Cargo insurance at
reasonable tariff rates.
Air transportation projects
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One of our Customer managers will contact you within 3 hours upon receipt of your inquiry.

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