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Road transportation

At KRAFTTRANS, the international transportation of various cargo types is managed by a team of professional freight forwarders, who use export and import routes between European countries as well as those from/ to the CIS, China and other Asian countries. We provide a full range of cargo transportation services, including customs clearance, certification, handling and escort services, including packaging and labelling.

If necessary, we are ready to deliver goods by road on oversized trailers or by trawl as well as to organise intercity and international transportation by road.

International cargo transportation with KRAFTTRANS
A standard inquiry is
processed within a maximum
of 3 hours upon receipt.
The optimal ratio of price and quality.
An international team of experts.
A system for transportation organization control using 9 KPI indicators.
Our vehicle fleet
Carrying capacity – 20t
Refrigerator trucks
Carrying capacity – 20t, mode +/-20С
Container ships
Carrying capacity – 30t
ADR (Dangerous goods)
Carrying capacity – 20t
Carrying capacity – 20 to 35t
Carrying capacity
Carrying capacity
Cargo (transported in refrigerator trucks)
  • Transportation of meat, fish, poultry
  • Transportation of dairy products
  • Transportation of vegetables and fruits
  • Transportation of beverages
  • Transportation of canned goods
  • Transportation of confectionery products
  • Transportation of hygiene products and perfumes
  • Transportation of medicines
  • Transportation of flowers and planting materials
Cargo (trucks)
  • Transportation of non-food products
  • Transportation of building materials
  • Transportation of building structures
  • Transportation of auto parts
  • Transportation of tires
  • Transportation of foodstuffs
  • Transportation of paper, transportation of metals
  • Tanks
  • Transportation of bulk liquid foodstuffs
  • Transportation of bulk chemicals
Our customer service
Personal manager
Online cargo tracking module
Responsible storage and consolidation
Individual pricing policy
Inbound and outbound logistics for manufacturers
Delivery to the networks and shopping centers of manufacturers
Ensuring that all documents are properly filled out and returned
Just-in-time delivery
Transport package
Our projects
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One of our Customer managers will contact you within 3 hours upon receipt of your inquiry.

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