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Forwarding Leaders Gala 2023: Logistics teams are very important


Monika Martuszewska-Skoczyńska  was a speaker at the Forwarding Leaders Gala 2023. Her speech touched on a number of topics related to teams.

Look what she writes about logistics employees in the context of our work.

And then there’s the content from the post.


«📍 What exactly is freight forwarding?

Especially when there are many factors that make up our work, and there are so many ways to organize work as there are businesses.

Because it’s a matter of the employee and the team, what kind of clients we have and how we cooperate with them, and of course it’s also a matter of remuneration.

Our multidimensionality can be reduced to a common denominator on which we focus: people. So we talk about people, we talk about teams.

Over the years, I have developed three aspects that allow me to take care of the issue of an employee’s departure well in advance. Focusing on them allows you to look at the organization from a bird’s eye view, instead of focusing on a frog’s field of view.

📍 First: diversity, including setting a goal, not a path.

📍Secondly: holding teams accountable, not people.

📍 Thirdly: taking care of the broadly understood front office and back office, i.e. pre-sales and post-sales service.

Some people talk about OKRs, KPIs (generally about indicators), others  will focus on the margin and with it on bonuses.

📍But everyone talks about people, everyone talks about teams.

We build on people, we take care of them. We call them a resource.

We say that people are the most important. That’s right: we say it. And that’s usually where it ends, although theoretically everything looks nice.

And we want to build lasting, effective and – most importantly – motivated teams.

And what is important to you in the context of your people, your teams?

What are you focusing on?»


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Forwarding Leaders Gala 2023


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