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Press centre

Congratulations on International Civil Aviation Day 2023!
Dear partners, colleagues!
X Międzynarodowe Targi Transportu i Logistyki
We visited  X Międzynarodowe Targi Transportu i Logistyki  in Warsaw.
Logistics teams are the most important
Monika Martuszewska-Skoczyńska  was a speaker at the Forwarding Leaders Gala 2023. Her speech touched on a number of topics related to teams.
Forwarding Leaders Gala 2023
KRAFTTRANS represented by Aleksander Zimnicki and Monika Martuszewska-Skoczyńska.
Congratulations on the Day of the Seafarer
Dear partners, colleagues!
Our team took part in the conference in Warsaw
We took part in the event «АВТОТРАНСПОРТНА ЛОГІСТИКА Ukraine  Poland  Europe у Варшаві!».
Happy Easter from our company!
This is a special time of year when we come together to celebrate spring, new beginnings, and hope. We hope this Easter brings you all the joy and happiness that you deserve.
Happy birthday, KRAFTTRANS Taurus
Happy birthday to the company of colleagues from the KRAFTTRANS Taurus office!
Efficient way to transport goods from China to Poland
Hello, everyone! Are you looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to transport goods from China to Poland? One great option is by road delivery! There are many benefits to this transportation method, including lower costs compared to air freight and faster transit times compared to sea freight.
Delivery of spare parts by air from China to Europe
KRAFTTRANS transports any types of spare parts by air:
Contract logistics with KRAFTTRANS
Our services in the field of contract logistics
Chinese New Year 2023
KRAFTTRANS congratulates its partners, clients and agents upon the Chinese New Year 2023!


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