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Oversized transportation can be described in a very strange way “slow to harness, quick to ride”.


  1. Coordinate all peculiarities and terms for the delivery of oversized cargo.
  2. Agree on the timing of obtaining a special permit for the carriage of goods (in average up to 2-3 weeks).  In this document each kilometer of the way is fully described.  Very often different structures (bridges, narrow roads, lanes) can prevent the passage of vehicles with cargo.
  3. After receiving the special permit, the carrier agrees with the consignor the date of picking up the cargo. The delivery time of the vehicle depends on the date of delivery of the special trailer at the border. And Chinese colleagues, waiting for our trailer, can add 500 USD per day of downtime.

4 After reloading at the border of China, a boring and rather ordinary procedure begins: transit and processing of transit documents.

5  then comes just the delivery of cargo

Let’s not brag that we have cheap oversized transportation from China. If you see that you are given a spicy price against the background of ours, then with 80-90% probability there is a carrier that does not issue any special permits. Our contractors are reliable and time-tested. And the cargo will arrive calmly, and most importantly without problems and hitches.



The net transit time of a vehicle in transit, not including waiting at the border, is about 20 days. All the rest is left for special permit, approvals and queues at the borders.

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