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Our experts transport high-tech products and consumer electronics from China to Europe on a weekly basis.

The main cargo collection and departure points in China are Shanghai and Shenzhen. Destination points, as a rule, are located in EU countries, e.g. Poland or the Czech Republic.

International cargo transportation consists of the following main stages:

  • transporting a container to a factory/plant, where the loading is to take place;
  • delivering the cargo to the container terminal;
  • the departure of the cargo from the railway station on board a high-speed container train;
  • transit through the territories of other countries (as a rule, on the whole, the cargo travels over 10,000 km through different climatic and time zones);
  • arrival at the railway station of destination;
  • terminal handling;
  • transporting the container from the terminal to the consignee’s warehouse.

To ensure cargo safety, we are ready to carry out the additional installation of a lock.

Also, the service of delivering “door to door” is available.


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