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Aviation logistics and its prospects in the current conditions | KRAFTTRANS


Aviation logistics and its prospects in the current conditions.

Main problems:

  1. Reduction of staff, shortage of personnel, flight personnel.
  2. Increase in prices for aviation kerosene. As a result, airlines are warning of declining profitability and higher air fares.


Major U.S. airlines are still operating below pre-Covid levels. Delta was looking at a 16% flight deficit in Q2 2022 compared to 2019 levels, United planned 16% fewer flights and American planned 8%.


The Shanghai lockdown is over, but a recovery is not in sight in the near future. China’s throughput capacity has exceeded pre-Shanghai lockdown levels, freight forwarders said. The lockdowns meant that cargo could not reach the airport. Across China, this resulted in a 20% drop in air cargo. The drop in volumes is due to “ongoing geopolitical tensions in Europe and disruptions to global supply chains caused by the pandemic.”

What are the problems of the airline in 2022?

There are restrictions on international flights and destinations, routes are closed, many supply chains are interrupted or even closed. However, there are new routes, new logistics through other regions. It is important to adapt and you need to be able to work in new realities and offer customers, partners new logistics, supply chains.


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