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Own transport

KRAFTTRANS road transportation has a number of advantages:

  • Safety – maintenance of permanent monitoring of status and location of the truck  
  • Accessibility – truck transportation, particularly, close-range transportation of cargo, is the most cost efficient method of delivery
  • Mobility - cargo delivery directly to the consignee without extra transshipments to the place of destination
  • Possibility to dispatch the cargo on the date of request initiating – selection of the most size optimum vehicle, execution of all necessary documents and delivery to the specified place and at the specified time
  • Universality – allows to perform transportation of cargo of different types, from combined to complete or large-sized lots
KRAFTTRANS transport the following cargo types:

* complete
* groupage
* hazardous
* bulk    
* oversized
* overweight
* with maintenance of temperature specifications

KraftTransExpress company is specialized in transportation of the following food stuff:

  • grocery products
  • perishable goods
  • dairy and meat products
  • wine, spirits
  • beer and non-alcoholic products
  • fish and seafood