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Oversized freight


More than  1002 freight carriages in 2019. Detailed plan, report and informing at all stages Execution of the entire package of documents Cargo transportation by any mode of transport

Our expertise:

  1. Road-building machinery (crawler, wheel) and special equipment.
  2. Metal and steel.
  3. Agriculture, forestry machines and special equipment.
  4. Industrial equipment.
  5. Fuel and power equipment.
  6. Volume tank equipment.
  7. Transformers.
  8. Construction materials.
  9. Reinforced concrete structures.
  10. Tower cranes.


WE GUARANTEE timely information about all the details of transportation, both during the planning implementation stages. 

  • selection of rolling stock type;
  • development of the transportation route;
  • inspection of the route and bridges;
  • identification of the cost of works on cleaning the route;
  • shade cars (pilot) escort on the route;
  • police car escort on the route;
  • providing cargo armed guard.
  • registration of special permits for movement with excess of maximum permissible parameters through the transit countries;
  • customs clearance in the case of international transportation of oversized cargo;
  • cargo insurance.
  • development of the cargo layout on rolling stock;
  • mounting of oversized and heavy cargoes on specialized transport;
  • organizing loading and unloading operations with the use of special equipment;
  • warehousing.

TERMS OF FREIGHT of oversized and heavy cargoes

All transportation of oversized and heavy cargo is carried out according to the norms of the legislation in the countries on whose territory the transport is operated.


Based on the submitted application, special bodies agree on the route with all organizations and production facilities, which are located on the route of the oversized cargo (taking in consideration the height of power lines, presence of overpasses, bridges, railway crossings, etc.)

Route matching period is 7-20 days

If the application is submitted, you cannot make changes to the document. Any changes and updates are sent through additional application. Additional application can be submitted in 2 weeks’ time from the date when the first application was filled with the payment of additional fee, as well as fines for shipping downtime. icon
Special permits are issued for a certain period of time (specific time with the indication of the exact time interval). If the goods cannot be delivered for various reasons within the specified time, it is necessary to order a new permit.

We know exactly which is categorically prohibited

  1. Deviate from the set route.
  2. Move with the speed higher than the specified in the permission.
  3. Carry out transport during icy conditions or poor visibility.
  4. Continue to move at a possible malfunction of the vehicle.
  5. Gloss over potential problems that arise during the organization of transportation.
  6. Work with unverified contractors.

WHAT is the algorithm to obtain permission for the movement?

To obtain a permit it is required to apply to the special bodies. This application must contain the following information provided by the cargo owner:

  • Cargo specification
  • Cargo drawing
  • Exact dimensions and weight
  • Loading / unloading ADDRESS, customs clearance
  • Transportation rout (developed by KRAFTTRANS)
  • Cargo allocation scheme on the vehicle (developed by KRAFTTRANS’ employees)

Oversized freight required?

Send application.

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