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customs clearance services

We offer professional solutions for cargo customs clearance.
KRAFTTRANS offers professional solutions for customs clearance of goods. Cooperation with us will help to increase business efficiency, to save time and resources, to minimize customs and financial risks.

KRAFTTRANS perform full package of customs clearance services in on the territories of the Republic of Belarus and Lithuania:

  • Consultation in the field of customs legislation and external economic activity, selection of the optimum customs procedure
  • Preparation of documents and representation of your interests in customs authorities
  • Declaring of cargos and goods of any complexity
  • Declaration of all customs procedures
  • Statistical declaring
  • Preparation and presentations of INTRASTAT reports (systems for collection of statistical data in relation to external trade among the European Union Member-States) in Lithuania
  • EPI – electronic preliminary information
KRAFTTRANS offices are located at:
- Minsk National Airport
- Minsk-CEZ customs clearance point
- Kolyadichy customs clearance point
- Belkultorg customs clearance point
- Branch offices in Belarusian regional centers
- Representative Office in Vilnius, Lithuania