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Container shipping

Container cargo transportation means long-term cooperation and direct contacts with the leading shipping lines allow us to offer exclusive conditions and rates


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3 hours for the application processing Optimum value for money and quality of service Delivery at tough deadlines Team of professionals


  1. ANALYSIS OF YOUR NEEDS identifying the budget, selection of the best conditions based on the volume and frequency of carriages.
  2. DEVELOPMENT OF OPTIMAL ROUTES and schemes of cargo transportation.
  3. EXECUTION OF THE WHOLE PACKAGE OF DOCUMENTS including customs ones, opportunity to provide surveying services in China.
  4. A WELL-FUNCTIONING SYSTEM OF MUTUAL RELATIONS among all participants of the logistics chain.
  5. WEEKLY NOTIFICATIONS of the cargo status and location.


Advantages of container cargo transportation:

  • High guarantee of cargo safety
  • No goods transshipments in case of changing mode of transport
  • Minimum expenses for packing and wrapping materials for goods
  • High  rate loading- unloading operations
  • Shortened and easily predictable time of cargo delivery
  • Simplified and unified transportation documentation
  • Extensive use of information technology in the process of cargo delivery

Terms of containers delivery:

LCL Consolidation of cargoes at the departure port 1 day
Provide container for loading 1 day
Transit period 37-40 days
Dismantling of containers 2-3 days
Cargo delivery 10 days
FCL Provide container for loading 3-5 days
Transit period 35-37 days
Cargo delivery 5-7 days
Full line of standard and special-purpose equipment:
  1. 20’ and 40’ feet standard containers
  2. 40’ and 45’ feet high cube containers
  3. 20’ and 40’ feet high cube reefer containers
  4. 20’ and 40’ feet open-top containers and fold-out platform containers for multimodal transportation


Rates for containers shipping are changed every two weeks. On the customer’s application, company specialists calculate expected delivery charges based on the tariffs.


On request, the cargo will be insured against all possible risks in the European insurance companies.

Related services for containers transport:

  • cargo handling;
  • free storage of the cargo during up to 10 days at the port of destination;
  • execution TIR CMR;
  • cargo delivery in containers by road to your warehouse.

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