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KRAFTTRANS offers association in the international road cargo freight.

KRAFTTRANS BUSINESS it’s the best offer for the carriers

  • more than 1500 loadings per month
  • 25 years of experience in freight forwarding
  • branches in 6 countries (Austria, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus)
  • own consolidation warehouse in the EU – 20 000 m2 (Lithuania, Poland)

We offer cooperation:

  • in import from Asian countries;
  • in import from North and South America;
  • in export from European countries;
  • in export to CIS countries;
  • in export from North and South America.

Your benefit through cooperation:

  1. guaranteed payment
  2. proper loadings amount
  3. priority to loadings in August and January
  4. steady client base
  5. effective customer funnel
  6. assistance and consult in regular, critical and irregular situations
  7. Cooperating with KRAFTTRANS you reduce internal costs for customer acquisition and managing.

    We have very simple demands:

    • owned truck fleet
    • experience in international haulage
    • performance guarantee

    You can and should contact us in any convenient way.

    Propose transport

    Principles of mutual interaction

    Mutual responsibility. We appreciate mutual respect and responsibility in relations with our partners and strive to comply with all requirements and wishes. In return, we are grateful to our partners for compliance with the high requirements for the cargoes delivery and storage.

    Attention to detail

    We are always attentive to details and documentation. It is extremely important in logistics. Every word counts.


    The quality of our services depends on the work of our partners. Therefore mutual work with partners for the benefits of our customers appears to be our major concern.