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Export delivery of wind generators from Russia to the Netherlands


Transportation route: from Russia to the Netherlands 
Cargo Description: wind turbine components, 27 vehicles 

How we delivered it: The Export Department, together with the Sales Department, met the Customer's demand within the shortest possible time. Our experts developed a transportation route, determined the number and type of vehicles, participated in the development of cargo fastening schemes and prepared a set of accompanying documents. After budgeting, assessing all possible risks and agreeing on all the details, the project delivery of wind generators from Russia to the Netherlands using 27 cars was carried out. 

Important: The delivery was carried out while COVID-19-related restrictions were still in place. We successfully carried through a major export project. In addition, our team, together with the Customer's engineering group, developed special pillars for the transportation of the wind turbine's coating. It was necessary to choose the optimal pillar shape so as to fit as many sheets of coating as possible and keep the minimum weight of the pillars by virtue of the structure's optimal rigidity. 

In addition, our experts proposed a solution to reduce transportation costs by using collapsible pillars. Such pillars, owing to fact that they were collapsible, were taken back using one vehicle and used for the implementation of the Customer's future projects.