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Transportation saplings from the of Italy to the of Uzbekistan


KRAFTTRANS specialists are always glad to deal with non-standard tasks. The client contacted the company with a request to transport saplings of outdoor ornamental plants (fir, thuja, spruce) in the shortest possible time. Specialists from KRAFTTRANS needed to arrange transportation of saplings in refrigerators in 1.5 months from the city of Pistoia (Italy) to the Republic of Uzbekistan. During this period 50 trucks with plants were delivered. KRAFTTRANS also performed urgent transportation service (up to 20 trucks per week) responding to client’s demands for quick shipment. 

It should be noted that outdoor plants transportation needs the constant control of temperature regime – this type of cargo is perishable. Great experience of KRAFTTRANS specialists in refrigerated trucking of saplings allowed to ensure compliance with high accuracy and stability of temperature transportation conditions. 

To protect the plants from damage during transportation, it is necessary to prepare properly before it and load plants into the vehicle carefully. First of all, the roots of saplings are soaked in water with a nutrient solution, and after that they are packed in plastic bags (the stems are sprayed with warm water as well). 

Such cargoes as saplings of outdoor ornamental plants are delivered in compliance with all phytosanitary standards: a truck must undergo sanitary treatment; and a shipper must provide quarantine certificates. If you have any questions about the transportation of saplings, call us +48 608 668 365 or email us – in the shortest time you will receive professional advice of experienced KRAFTTRANS specialists.