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Chinese New Year: business and traditions


Traditionally China and other East Asian countries celebrate the New Year twice: first in the night of January 1, and then, on one of the days between January 21 and February 21, they celebrate the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year.


In 2019 the holiday is celebrated on the 5th of February, and the year of the yellow Earth Pig will continue till January 24, 2020.

The celebration in China lasts up to two weeks: from February 5 to February 19, but officially the Chinese have a 7-day long holiday until February 10.

The economy of most countries in the world is inextricably linked with China, so a two-week vacation may be critical for business. During this period, all trade relations are suspended, shipments are impossible.

KRAFTTRANS successfully delivers goods from China using three delivery methods: railsea and air. On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, the demand for international transportation is sharply increased, which causes a shortage of vehicles and temporary increase in tariff rates. Every year KRAFTTRANS specialists strongly recommend their clients to move cargo before the holidays.

How to transport goods from China?

It’s possible to organize cargo delivery from China by all types of transport: road, rail, sea and air. The choice depends on three parameters: time, price and quality. When you know exactly what kind of cargo is transported, the logistics task with the choice of a vehicle is solved.

Road transportation from China makes sense when you deliver cargo to border cities or to hard-to-reach cities for another types of vehicles. In other cases, trucking is not economically efficient.

But the most expensive shipping is air transportation. However, this is the fastest way to deliver goods. Therefore, if you want to transport high-quality goods or organize shipment in the shortest terms, it’s better to choose air delivery. Transportation by air from A to B will take a temporary period of 5 to 7 days.

Transport by sea is preferred by a large number of clients due to its low price compared to other types of transportation and safety in terms of cargo security.

In China there are about 20 major sea ports and 100 smaller ones from which containers are shipped. When containers arrive at the port or land terminal, they go through customs procedures. If it’s necessary KRAFTTRANS also delivers cargo to the place designated by the client.

As an alternative option for cargo delivery, railway transportation can be considered: cheaper than air, but faster than sea. KRAFTTRANS offers all types of rail cargo transportation: container, oversized and overweight shipments and additional services, as well.





o Providing a container for loading on the following day after receiving the application

o No additional costs in transit transportation

o Shipment from any city in China on the EXW and FCA terms

o Usage of all types of containers (20’DC,

20’DV, 40’DC, 40’HC, 40’OT)

o Providing a copy of the International Consignment Note for Rail Transport and Transit Declaration

o Continuing availability of containers for loading

o Loading and securing of cargo at the departure station

o Control of the border crossing

o Forwarding at the sender's stock

o Payment of railway tariffs on the territory of Russia, the CIS and China

o Organization of project, bulk, oversized and overweight cargo transportation

o Identification of optimal route

o Preparation of the schemes for load securing

and stowage of oversized and overweight cargoes

on a rolling stock

o Documentation development of the agreement for oversized cargo

o Organization of loading and unloading cargo operations

o Execution of special permits for transportation of oversized, overweight and bulk cargoes

o Execution of loading plans and sketches

o Dispatch cargo tracking on the whole route in real time






o Guarantee of cargo’s security

o Usage of different rolling stock types (boxcars, gondola cars, open platform)

o Overloading at the border crossing from the carriages of narrow gauge tracks to the CIS ones

o Cargo’s receipt from the sender's warehouse, delivery to the departure station and loading the wagon

o Loading and unloading operations

with the use of specialized equipment

o Documentary support

o Processing of all necessary documents: customs and consignment notes for rail transport

o Payment of additional tariffs, as well as other services related to the transportation by railway on the territory of the destination countries (security, customs declaration, agency and forwarding and all types of customs duties)

o Accumulation and storage of shipments

in the terminal warehouses of safe custody

If you have any questions or you want to deliver cargo from China, contact KRAFTTRANS specialists – you will get the advice and all professional information.