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20 Facts about KRAFTTRANS you did't know


How many days we work, how many calls we make, write letters and smile, and even what the price of the most expensive cargo is and how far we have studied the geography of the world - in honor of its 20th anniversary, KRAFTTRANS company revealed the most interesting facts.

50 smiles a day gives each KRAFTTRANS’ employee.

20 young employees (under 30) head the departments in KRAFTTRANS offices. Almost all of them came to the company as students and have achieved leader positions.

15 languages are spoken in the company. Apart from Belarusian and Russian specialists are pros in English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Czech, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Bulgarian and even Korean.

80% of KRAFTTRANS’ employees regularly have physical activities and do sports.

1200 times during a day employees say: "Good afternoon, KRAFTTRANS. How can we help you?

100 countries are included in the geography of our delivery. KRAFTTRANS has delivered cargos to almost all the continents and continues to expand the geography of delivery.

4 modes of transport are offered by KRAFTTRANS: air, road, sea and rail. This allows to create an optimal route with obligatory account of the main factors: safety of cargo, saving time, reducing the cost of transportation and guarantees on liabilities.

120 trucks of "Euro-4" and "Euro-5" standards are owned by KRAFTTRANS. These are mainly tents, refrigerator vans and truck tractors.

40 calls to customers from 15 countries all around the world are on average made by a KRAFTTRANS’ employee.

15000 transportations have been carried out by KRAFTTRANS in 2015.

7305 days have passed since the first KRAFTTRANS’ cargo delivery.

Over 1 000 customers choose KRAFTTRANS company.

560 tractors «Belarus» were delivered by KRAFTTRANS in one party.

15 company's offices: operate in 5 countries: Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Austria. In addition, KRAFTTRANS is planning to open new offices in different countries.

300 people work in KRAFTTRANS’ offices.

64% of employees – are girls.

5 years is the average length of an employee’s service in KRAFTTRANS.

1 million euro is insurance of carrier liability.

6.8 million dollars, is the most expensive air freight, which was delivered by KRAFTTRANS.

53,500 serviceshave been rendered by KRAFTTRANS to its customers since the beginning of the year.

50 emails in 5 languages are on average sent by a KRAFTTRANS’ employee.

3000 carriers is the network of KRAFTTRANS’ partners.

October 3rd 2015 Krafttrans group celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

«Success in business depends on many factors, but the basis is a hard daily work, professional team, reliable partners and, of course, luck. Market leadership, annual revenue growth by 5-10%, about 2,500 customers and more than 300 highly professional employees – that is the overall result of 20 years. We are full of energy and ready to conquer new heights!», – Said Dmitry Gannota, KRAFTTRANS CEO. Ганнота.jpg

In 2002 KRAFTTRANS opened an office in Smolensk. Later, in 2005, in Brest (Belarus), the company continued its expansion and during the following years opened offices in Riga, Moscow, Vilnius and Vienna. In the coming years it will open several new offices.

«Business development and scaling is impossible without a team of real professionals. Our experts participate in industry forums, teach at leading universities of Russia and Belarus. In our market there are a lot of teams who are ready to offer the customer a standard solution or service. KRAFTTRANS is characterized by its openness to new solutions for the customer, development of new directions», – said Yaroslav Kirillov, KRAFTTRANS chief. Kirillov.png

We are 20. New heights.

Among the large-scale projects of the recent years are:

  1. Transportation of drier drums weight 20 tons.
  2. Transportation of cargo weight 75,5 tons.
  3. Transportation of pipe bending machines from Taiwan to Russia.
  4. Transportation of oversized equipment from Germany to Russia.
  5. Transportation of oversized transformer from Italy to the Russian Federation.
  6. Transportation of oversized cargo to Turkmenistan.