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KRAFTTRANS is the Forwarder of the Year 2012


KRAFTTRANS has been awarded with the Forwarder of the Year 2012 winner’s diploma at the general meeting of the Belarusian Association of International Forwarders BAIF, June 6, 2013.

At the end of 2012 KRAFTTRANS were nomination best company in the “Effectiveness and development” category.


The Deputy Director Vitaliy Fadeev and Head of Multimodal Department Sergey Bogdanovich represented KRAFTTRANS at the meeting and collected the award.

–Which of the company’s achievements influenced the decision to recognise KRAFTTRANS for this prestigious industry association award?

S. Bogdanovich: – KRAFTTRANS is a strong player in the fairly complex spheres of logistics. All the areas of KRAFTTRANS operation, such as multimodal, road, air and rail freights actively developed during 2012. It is a pleasure to know that our achievements were distinguished by the professional association.

– Which achievements of the company in 2012 make you feel especially proud?

V. Fadeev: – Firstly, we opened new offices. Each office has its own specialism. Secondly, we proved our effectiveness and professionalism thanks to new projects in 2012. The delivery of a large batch of tractors from Belarus to Venezuela is the most significant among them. Thirdly, it is the expansion of our team. I believe that such a strategy gives a certain impetus to develop the company.

As far as the transportations are concerned, 1,000 cargo automobile transportation orders are completed by the KRAFTTRANS each month. We treat every order attentively and responsibly regardless of the scale of transportation.


– Sergey, you made a presentation at the BAIF meeting. By using the example of KRAFTTRANS you demonstrated the ways the Belarusian Transport Sector is developing and the problems which most concern the forwarders. What is the direction of logistics development in the coming years?

S. Bogdanovich: – Development of logistics in Belarus will depend on the implementation of the Customs Union plans in many ways. However, every company has its own numerous inner possibilities for development besides external factors. They are professional development of the team, improvement of the level of services and use of new technologies for implementation of more complex transport schemes. I think that Belarusian companies will pay much attention to these aspects in the near future.

– Obtainment of the Expeditor of the Year award is certainly a reflection of the company’s success. What does success mean to you?

S. Bogdanovich: Success is a solution generated by the crew. It is an idea which leapt into the mind of one person, was supported by the majority and then successfully implemented.

– What helps KRAFTTRANS to succeed and to actively develop?

V. Fadeev: – I call it “the rule of three C’s” – Clients, Competitors, Crew. In 2012 we continued to cooperate with our major clients. We also attracted new clients who gave an impetus to our active development. Competitors – and today they are not only the forwarding companies but also the transportation companies – help us to always be “in shape” and to search possibilities to reduce the cost of transportations for our clients.

There are around 300 employees in our crew. KRAFTTRANS works in 12 principal directions with narrowly focused specialists in each of them. We ensure a complex problem solution which allows our clients to save time, strength, and resources which are essential to organise logistics.


P.S. Today 124 Belarusian transport-forwarding and logistics organisations are members of the BAIF Association. The Association annually prepares a rating of leading forwarders in the Republic of Belarus apart from holding the Expeditor of the Year competition. At the end of 2012 KRAFTTRANS reserved a place within the top three companies in the rating. This fact indicates stability of the company and high quality of the services rendered.