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Performance Results of KRAFTTRANS in 2010: a Successful Year, a Successful Team!


Each time, reaching new heights and developing new goals, KRAFTTRANS considers the factors of their success and expresses its gratitude to all those who contribute to further development.

March 21, 2011 in the conference hall of the complex "Minsk-Arena" was the annual meeting of the companies KRAFTTTRANS. The results of their activities in 2010 were included in the agenda of the meeting.

KRAFTTRANS Group of Companies

Heads of all departments in their reports spoke about the results achieved during this period. Director of KRAFTTRANS Dmitry Gannota in his speech touched on new goals and a vector of development for 2011-2013.

The results achieved by the company and implemented ideas in 2010 will serve as a solid basis for further growth and development. Thus, last year a new beginning of the process of reorientation of the corporate style was launched, which will entail not only certain visual changes. More importantly, the strategy and philosophy of the whole business will be changed.

In 2010, for some large clients, some original projects were implemented, which willingly chose further cooperation. The company celebrated its 15th anniversary; Subsidiary of Brest was 5 years old, and by 2010 it was very productive and dynamically developing. His jubilee KraftTransExpress, specializing in the supply of food, celebrated its anniversary. It is worth noting that for a very short period of time the service provided by the company to customers has proved to be in demand.

KRAFTTRANS Group of Companies

According to Dmitry Gannota, director of KRAFTTTRANS, overall success is unlikely to be possible without each of their employees demonstrating professionalism, sincere work, initiative, responsibility and commitment.

Today KRAFTTRANS employs 190 people. Choosing the best of the best was not an easy task. Analyzing the achievements of each employee, the company's management has awarded its employees several categories, namely:

KRAFTTRANS Group of Companies

  • Best Forwarder-2010
  • Best Seller-2010
  • For Supporting Initiative in Business Development in 2010
  • For Professional Support in Achieving Results in 2010.

The company's departments received awards in connection with the company's steady growth in 2010 and other achievements. 

In the nomination "Opening of the Year" awards were presented to those employees who were appointed leaders in 2010. To indicate that for them it was just a springboard for further advancement and personal growth, each of the newly appointed managers was represented in the book "Career Manager" by Lee Yakkok.

16 employees who worked in the company for more than five years, were awarded special awards. Each of the winners became a professional and made a great contribution to the overall success of the company.

Dmitry Gannota warmly thanked each employee of the company for their effective results in 2010. In addition to the received diplomas, the best employees were also given gifts intended for their families and their spiritual and physical development, such as certificates for the purchase of things in stores of household utilities and useful goods, certificates for visiting SPA-salons and tickets for participation in the excursion "City royal palaces and temples ".

The Group of Companies

2010 was an unforgettable and successful year for the company. Undoubtedly, new achievements are waiting for employees! The leadership of KRAFTTRANS is absolutely confident in one thing: the foundation of every success in the business of KRAFTTTRANS and the personal success of their employees are determined by the initiatives of these employees, their high activity and the ability to make decisions aimed at future results. Employees of the company fully support the philosophy of their company's business. It is thanks to this general support and devotion that KRAFTTRAS has all the necessary prerequisites for further progress.