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Oversized cargo transportation of juice production line

Oversized cargo transportation of juice production line
Transportation Route: from Poland to Russia (Voronezh) 
Cargo description: Juice production line 
Dimensions of oversized containers
14600 * 3400 * 3450 mm, weight of 5100 kg 
15100 * 3400 * 3400 mm, weight of 5560 kg 
9500 * 3000 * 3300 mm, weight of 4100 kg 
Total amount of trucks: 9 oversized containers + 4 standard trucks It was necessary to deliver the entire cargo to the customs of destination on the same day. So it took about three weeks for the shipping documents to be agreed with the client, as they had never dealt with the transportation of such kind of cargo, and did not know about all the requirements imposed on the shipping documents for substantial procurement. 

There were restrictions on the amount of trucks available for loading during one day, so the oversized cargo was taken within 5 days. All oversized trucks were delivered to the Polish-Belarusian border, and then they followed afterwards together. 
The main difficulty was to ensure the arrival of all trucks at the customs of destination on the same day, because the cargo transportation was organized by two logistics departments. 

In spite of exact calculations of arrival time, in Voronezh the transportation of oversized cargo was allowed only in the night. For this reason, the trucks were forced to wait at the entrance of the city during daytime. 

Customs clearance formalities and the cargo’s unloading were carried out in the regulatory period, due to the fact that the client had prepared all the necessary documents in advance (according to professional advice by KRAFFTRANS specialists).


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