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Delivery of equipment for the plant’s construction

Delivery of equipment for the plant’s construction
Cargo description: equipment for the plant’s construction. 
Duration of the project: December 2016 – July 2017. 
The required type of rolling stock: special transport for 20 oversized deliveries and 136 trucks for the organization of the cargo carriages. 
Achievements: submission of 25 trucks in the peak season during the 1st week and rapid obtaining new oversized transportation permit.

In July 2017 KRAFTTRANS completed another project for the delivery of equipment for the entire plant’s construction. The project was successfully transported within seven months. From December 2016 to July 2017 KRAFTTRANS performed 136 cargo carriages and 20 oversized shipments by road.

Services provided by KRAFTTRANS specialists: 
  • development of the optimal route; 
  • selection of the optimal type of rolling stock; 
  • the organization of cargo delivery; 
  • the organization of overloading; 
  • coordination of the movement scheme at the territory of the plant for the unloading.
Thanks to the well-established work pattern, experience in international cargo transportation and competence of KRAFTTRANS specialists, we organized the delivery of 25 vehicles during one week in the peak season.
During the transportation the dimensions of the oversized cargo were changed, but that did not prevent KRAFTTRANS from quickly obtaining new permits.

The process of obtaining permission to carry out oversized transportation consists of two stages: 
  1. Drawing up an application and a package of necessary documents for the oversized cargo registration; 
  2. Payment for permission to transport oversized cargo.
To obtain permission, you must submit an application to special authorities. In the application the cargo owner specifies the following information: 
  • Cargo specification 
  • Cargo drawing 
  • Accurate dimensions and weight 
  • Loading / unloading address and customs cargo clearance 
  • Route of transportation (developed by KRAFTTRANS specialists) 
  • Schemes of oversized and heavyweight cargo placement on a vehicle (developed by KRAFTTRANS specialists)
KRAFTTRANS clients receive the full range of services for cargo transportation of various types: f.e. the transportation of Ebola virus from the USA to Latvia and the multimodal transportation of 200 000 bulk cargo from North Africa.

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