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Transportation of oversized equipment from Germany to Russia

Transportation of oversized equipment from Germany to Russia

Route of transportation:: Port in Germany, Salzgitter - Russian Federation, Kaluga

Cargo description: Molds, 2 units

Cargo dimensions: length - 29,12 m., width - 4.53 m., height - 4,53m., weight - 83 tons

Required type of rolling stock:

River transport (barge), sea transport, 2 trucks (special trucks for transportation of oversized and heavy cargos)

Services rendered by KRAFTTRANS specialists:

  • Working out the optimal route.
  • Selecting the optimal type of rolling stock.
  • Cargo carriage.
  • Organizing the overload.
  • Coordination of the traffic patterns on the unloading territory of the enterprise.

Transportation features:

Considering the overall weight and dimensions parameters and in order to ensure the timely delivery of the cargo, the optimal transport route and type of transport were determined much in advance. Besides, all required official agreements for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo were received. During the transportation itself there was attracted specialized equipment for lifting power lines.

Taking into account the need to involve cranes with high load-carrying capacity, transshipping operation was planned so that the barge was driven under the load by the arrival of car transport. This was done in order to reduce the cost of the overload. Then the cargo was transported to the port of Hamburg, Germany, where the ship proceeded to the port in the city of St. Petersburg.

Further cargo transportation was fulfilled by car transport. The process of transporting was complicated by the impressive cargo dimensions. The original route was conformed several time during the carriage. Repair work on bridges, unexpected conditions changes, these all demanded instant responses to deliver the cargo to the destination within the agreed time, eventually.

At each stage of cargo handling customer performed surveyor control. KRAFTTANS’ specialists were able to fulfil the transport of the oversized cargo in just 25 days, and once again demonstrate the high level of competence and professionalism.

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