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Transportation of oversized BENTEC ESTA drilling rig

Transportation of oversized BENTEC ESTA drilling rig
Route of transportation: Germany - Republic of Belarus
Cargo description: The unique BENTEC ESTA III-450T-ST-AC drilling rig
Total amount of cargo packages: All in all, 100 trucks were involved in transporting the rig. Of those, 76 were used for large size and heavy cargo transportation. The remaining 24 had standard tented semi-trailers (82 to 89 m3 and MEGA 100 m3). The estimated total weight of the rig was 1,800 tons.

KRAFFTRANS’ branch responsible for oversized cargo transportation provided the customer with a choice of importing options. We also provided comprehensive instructions on obtaining a preliminary classification decision and arranging customs control at the rig installation site. Due to the scale and complexity of the project, almost all vehicles were subjected to tight control by the services of Germany’s Federal Office for Goods and Transport (BAG).

Our experts made sure the first several vehicles were loaded properly and were there to harmonize every organizational aspect of placing and securing the cargo. In turn, Bentec GmbH provided maximum support by ensuring the cargo was properly secured in all the rest of the vehicles, which reduced the risks significantly. 


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