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Transportation of cargo weight 75,5 tons

Transportation of cargo weight 75,5 tons

Route of transportation:: Italy - Belarus, Mozyr

Cargo description: A tank with the capacity of 75.5 tonnes

Cargo dimensions: length - 12,7 m., width - 2.55 m., height - 3.2 m., weight - 75.5 tons

Required type of rolling stock:: Special trucks for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo: 2 units

Services rendered by KRAFTTRANS specialists:

  • Working out the optimal route.
  • Selecting the optimal type of rolling stock.
  • Cargo carriage.
  • Organizing the overload.

Transportation features:

  • Cargo had an uneven distribution of mass in the points of support - 47.5 and 28 tons .
  • Permits for transportation of the oversized cargo through all territories were obtained within 2 weeks.
  • Due to complicated procedures of certificates issuing, Client repeatedly postponed the terms of the carriage, respectively, we had to get the permission for transportation twice and urgently deliver the cargo.
  • To reduce delivery time and cost of transportation, cargo overloading was accomplished on the route.


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