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Shipping a power transformer

Shipping a power transformer
Transportation route: Brest, Brest region, Belarus, – Ašmiany, Ašmiany district, Hrodna region, Belarus.  
Cargo description: TDTN 25 MVA 110/35/10 kV power transformer + external and component transformer parts. 
Cargo dimensions: power transformer: length – 5.45 m, width – 2.4 m, height – 3.75 m, cargo weight – 53 tons. Total cargo weight – 59,220 kg. Required rolling stock type: 2 vehicles including 1 semi-truck with a semi-trailer (3 + 5) and 1 haulage truck with an open mega type platform. 

The cargo was transported on a multipurpose railway platform from Baku, Azerbaijan, to the Brest Paŭnočny station, Belarus. It was then reloaded onto motor vehicles and delivered in the so-called “customs mode” to the place of customs clearance.  

To be able to unload the equipment from the vehicles, we rented a crane with a lifting capacity of 100 tons.


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