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81 tons from Europe to Asia

81 tons from Europe to Asia
Route of transportation: Regensburg (Germany) – Alamedin Railway Station (Republic of Kyrgyzstan) 
Cargo description: the transformer with the following dimensions: 6020 * 2380 * 4335 mm, weight 81 tons 
Required type of rolling stock: it was necessary to use special vehicles and equipment, specifically Kesselbruecke low-bed semi-trailer platform and MB Titan 4165 SLT heavy duty tractor. 

Transportation features: The load of the transformer was accompanied by the police and the second driver without any delay. So the movement to the nearest railway station in the north began where the transformer was overloaded onto the transporter. In the following days, the weather was friendly and the road maintenance services did their job perfectly, so it was possible to accomplish all the pre-set intermediate tasks. 

For example, for this carriage a steel structure was used as a stand for a transformer. All the calculations were carried out by experts. The cargo on the steel plate and on its 92 wheels arrived to the place of overload in time. Immediately after arrival it started raining heavily. 

To the delight of railroad professionals, the transporter was waiting for the loading in advance. And the weather is getting better with good mood. By the end of the mounting on the 8-axle transporter, the snow had melted, and the transformer safely started its railway journey of 6000 km to Alamedin Railway Station (Republic of Kyrgyzstan), which took only 13 days.


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