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Transportation of two White Swiss Shepherd puppies

Transportation of two White Swiss Shepherd puppies
Transportation route: Minsk National Airport – Sheremetyevo Airport – Dubai Airport
Cargo description: 2 white Swiss Shepherd puppies at the age of 7 months 
KRAFTTRANS specialists did the preparatory work before shipping: 
- Getting approval of the veterinary authorities of the destination country; 
- Airline booking confirmation throughout the route; 
- Approval of a package of veterinary documents;
- Approval of dogs’ feeding and watering at the transit airport. 

Transportation features: On the departure day the veterinary control at the airport was passed and the international animal certificate was issued. Then the cargo was placed at the warehouse of Minsk National Airport and at the customs a permit to export was obtained. In the evening the puppies flew out of Minsk. The next day they had a transit flight through Sheremetyevo International Airport and after that the puppies arrived safely at Dubai Airport.


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