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Transportation of pipe bending machines from Taiwan to Russia

Transportation of pipe bending machines from Taiwan to Russia

Route of transportation: China (Taiwan) - Germany (Frankfurt) - Russia

Cargo description: CNC pipe bending machine, 3 cargo packages, total gross weight - 20079 kg, size and weight of the largest - 7.86 x 2.38 x 2.25 m - 18 184 kg

Features of transportation:

Since the manufacturer failed to meet the shipment terms, for our Client there raised a necessity of urgent delivery of the machinery. Sea freight was not accepted by the client, and it was decided to use air freight. KRAFTTRANS developed a scheme of air logistics delivery using multimodal transportation scheme.

Overall dimensions and weight characteristics of the machine were critical for organizing loading and transportation by regular flights from Taiwan to Russia. Transportation by charter flight was rejected due to the high cost. As a result, a new transportation route was made up using scheduled flights through hubs in Frankfurt.

At the initial stage, there the manufacturer had a problem with the packaging of the machine. It was necessary to meet the airlines packaging requirements to ensure that the machine is taken for loading. To cope with this, a Taiwan freight forwarder’s visit to the manufacturer’s plant was organized in order to meet the necessary requirements. All the necessary instructions were given to the transmitter.

After being packaged the weight of containers increased significantly and turned out to be critical for one cargo package (18 184 kg). There appeared a problem with loading onto the aircraft. A trial loading confirmed the opportunity to load this package. The cargo was booked, the airline accepted it for carriage and, finally, it was delivered by a direct flight to Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt the cargo was unloaded from the aircraft and placed into the airline warehouse. At the next stage, the cargo was to be load into trucks for further transportation by road. Due to the lack of necessary equipment for such weight, a special loader was rented which accomplished load into the truck. After there was organized cargo handling and transit clearance.

Delivery of the machine was finished with customs clearance in Russia, control of customs clearance and delivery to the customer on the territory of Russia.

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