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Transportation of industrial equipment

Transportation of industrial equipment
Transportation route: North America – Russian Federation 
Cargo description: industrial equipment for the project 
Cargo dimensions: non-standard dimensional and weight characteristics of the transported equipment 
Transportation features: 
Due to the dimensional and weight cargo characteristics, it was impossible to load the industrial equipment on regular flights: no airline could transport such cargo. 

However KRAFTTRANS experts found ‘sound solution’: they chose not the busiest, but the most convenient airport for the client, running cargo flights, and organized a charter flight. 

From the factory to the airport of departure the oversized cargo was delivered by road on special trailer platforms. In order to load the aircraft, a twenty ton mobile crane was ordered. The loading could not be carried out without that external mobile equipment. In advance the scheme of aircraft cabin loading was approved by technical experts. 
After the board loading of the equipment, the charter flight reached its final destination in Russia.  

During cargo transportation, KRAFTTRANS specialists not only arranged air delivery to the airport, but also provided related delivery services: transit customs clearance of cargo, payment of terminal fees at the airport of arrival and oversized cargo delivery by special transport to the final destination in Volga Federal District according to the internal customs transit procedure. 
Upon delivery of the second batch of equipment, KRAFTTRANS specialists chartered another type of aircraft and carried out the charter flight directly to the airport of the city, where the Сlient’s factory is located. The implementation of direct flight has significantly reduced the total transit time by more than 10 days.

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