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Cookie-files policy

What are cookies?

All websites of KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH use cookie files. Using this website and accepting the current policy, you allow KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH to use cookies according to the conditions of the current policy.

Web-servers transmit cookie files to web browsers, which, in its turn, save these files.

After that the information is sent back to the server every time when a browser requests the page from a server. This allows a web-server to identify and track web-browsers. There are two main types of cookie files: session cookie files and persistent cookie files.

  • Session cookie files are deleted from your computer right after closing a browser.
  • Persistent cookie files are stored on your computer until there are deleted or until their validity terms determine.
Cookie files of KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH

KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH uses cookies on this website for the following purposes:

  • Collection of data about a user by means of Google Analytics instruments;
  • Collection of data about a user by means of Yandex. Metric;
  • The possibility of publishing the information in social networks;
  • Displaying of recommendations for a user if he/she has already visited this website;
  • Storage of data about user’s language in a cookie file for automatic redirection on website
  • KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH also uses AdWords and Direct services for monitoring transitions and retargeting. There are third party cookies with a validity term from 90 days to 2 years.
Google and Yandex cookies

KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH uses Google Analytics and Yandex. Metric instruments for statistics analysis of the usage of this website. Google Analytics and Yandex. Metric generate statistics and other information about the usage of this website with the help of cookies, which are kept on users’ computers. The information, generated towards our website, is used while preparing a report about the usage of the website.

In short, Google and Yandex cookies fulfil the following functions:

  • the specification of a measurable domain;
  • the identification of unique users;
  • the storage of information about the quantity and duration of the previous visits;
  • the storage of information about traffic source;
  • the specification of the beginning and the end of the session;
  • the storage of meanings of  users’ variables on a visitor level.

Google and Yandex store and use this information for the period of time from 30 minutes to 2 years according to cookies’ type.

Google confidentiality policy is available at the following address:

Yandex confidentiality policy is available at the following address:

Prohibition of installing cookies

The most web-browsers provide an opportunity to prohibit the installation of cookies.

To delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox;

To delete cookies in Yandex;

To delete cookies in Google Chrome;

To delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Additional information

If you need any additional information about confidentiality policy of KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH and the data we store or you want us to delete all information about you, call us +48608668365 or write to our email

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