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Confidentiality policy

The current Confidentiality policy of personal data (hereinafter referred to as- Policy) is applicable to all personal data which KRAFTTRANS Venus GmbH (hereinafter referred to as –  KRAFTTRANS) can receive from a user during his/her visit of the KRAFTTRANS official web-site – (hereinafter referred as to – Site), usage of Internet services, participation in advertising and marketing campaigns or actions and/or another interaction with KRAFTTRANS (hereinafter referred to as to – Services). 
KRAFTTRANS doesn’t control and is not responsible for third parties’ websites, the links of which are available on KRAFTTRANS site and can be followed by a user.  
On websites of third parties there can be their own confidentiality policy and there can be collected and required other user’s personal data. 
The real Policy explains how KRAFTTRANS processes and protects users’ personal information. 
Using Services and provide KRAFTTRANS with information, necessary for the commencement of further cooperation, You agree that this information can be used in accordance with the current Policy. 
For certain Services KRAFTTRANS can publish additional terms and conditions, which complete the current Policy. 

1. Users’ personal data, which KRAFTTRANS receives and processes. 
1.1. Within the context of the current Policy “users’ personal data” means: 
1.1.1. Personal data, which a user presents by himself/herself while filling in feedback information (request of rate) on the website or in the process of using Services. Information, obligatory for providing Services, is clearly marked. Such information contains surname, name, father’s name, email address, contact number, organization’s name. 
1.1.2. Other information about a user, the collection and/or presentation of which is defined by KRAFTTRANS for providing certain extra Services, which is clearly mentioned at order of certain Services. 
1.2. User’s personal data, presented to KRAFTTRANS, are considered unreliable and can be blocked till the moment of receiving from a user or his/her official representative the approval for processing user’s personal data in any form, additionally specified by KRAFTTRANS and mentioned on the website. 

2. Intentions for processing users’ personal information. 
2.1. KRAFTTRANS processes only that personal data which are necessary for providing and improving the quality of Services. 
2.2. KRAFTTRANS can apply user’s personal information for the following purposes: 
2.2.1. Identification of a party within the framework of providing Services. 
2.2.2. Providing a user with individualized Services. 
2.2.3. Improvement of Services’ qualities and development of new ones. 
2.2.4. Conducting statistical and other types of a research on the basis of data depersonalization.  
2.2.5. Actualizing and/or rendering functions, authorities and responsibilities, incumbent on KRAFTTRANS by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

3. The transfer of user’s personal data to third parties 
3.1. The confidentiality in regard to user’s personal data is protected, except cases of personal data processing, access of unlimited number of people to which is allowed by a user or at his/her request. 
3.2. KRAFTTRANS is eligible for transferring user’s personal information to third parties in the following cases: 
3.2.1. A user has agreed on such actions. 
3.2.2. Transfer is necessary for reaching goals, actualizing and rendering functions, authorities and responsibilities, incumbent on KRAFTTRANS by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
4. Measures, taken for protection of users’ personal data. 
KRAFTTRANS takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for protection of user’s personal data from illegal or occasional access, eliminating, changing, blocking, copying, spreading as well as from other illegal actions connected with personal data of third parties.

5. Rights and responsibilities of a user 
5.1. KRAFTTRANS takes reasonable measures for keeping accuracy and immediacy of personal data, which KRAFTTRANS disposes as well as for deleting old-fashioned and other unreliable or excessive personal data. Nevertheless, a User is responsible for presenting reliable information as well as for updating the given data in the case of any changes. 
5.2. A user at any moment can change (update, complete) the given by him/her personal information or its part, as well as the settings of its confidentiality by means of addressing to KRAFTTRANS. 
5.2.1. A user at any moment is eligible to take aside a consent to processing by KRAFTTRANS personal data by means of referring a written notification to the following address: ul. słoneczna, nr 2, Marki, 05-270, Polska with the following mark “ recall of a consent to processing of personal data”, concerning the fact that the user’s recall of a consent to processing of personal data entails the elimination of notes, containing personal data, in KRAFTTRANS systems of personal data processing. 
5.3. A user has a right for receiving information, which concerns processing his/her personal data in KRAFTTRANS and for referring a written request to the following address: ul. słoneczna, nr 2, Marki, 05-270, Polska with the following mark “enquiry of information about the procedure of personal data processing”. 
5.4. For executing points in paragraphs 5.2 and 5.3 of the current Policy, KRAFTTRANS can ask you to verify the user’s personality, requesting the presentation of this verification in any legal form. 

6. Feedback. Questions and propositions. 
All propositions or questions about the current Policy should be referred to KRAFTTRANS, calling +48608668365 or writing to our email